LOOF: The reference for pedigrees and cat breed standards in France

In France, the Livre Officiel des Origines Félines (LOOF) is the reference organization for the recognition of cat pedigrees and breed standards. Founded in 1996, LOOF plays an essential role in the promotion and preservation of cat breeds in France. Find out more about the importance of LOOF in the French cat world.

Cat breed recognition

One of LOOF's main missions is to recognize and list the various breeds of cat found in France. LOOF recognizes internationally established cat breeds, as well as French breeds such as the Chartreux and Sacré de Birmanie. Each breed must meet specific criteria in terms of physical appearance, character and genetic lineage to be recognized by LOOF.

Setting breed standards

LOOF plays a crucial role in establishing breed standards. These standards define the physical characteristics, coat, colors and patterns specific to each breed. Breeders and judges refer to LOOF breed standards at cat shows to assess the conformity of the cats presented.

LOOF organizes specialized commissions, made up of experts and breeders, who work together to establish and maintain breed standards. These commissions ensure that breed standards remain consistent and faithfully reflect the specific characteristics of each breed.

Pedigree management

LOOF is responsible for managing pedigrees for pedigree cats in France. A pedigree is an official document attesting to the ancestry and authenticity of a pedigree cat. Breeders registered with LOOF submit information on their cats' lineage, which is then verified and recorded in the LOOF database.

Pedigrees are essential for maintaining the integrity and traceability of cat breeds. It enables breeders to prove the origin of their cats and avoid undesirable cross-breeding. Owners of pedigree cats can also obtain their cat's pedigree when it is registered with LOOF.

Cat shows and honorary titles

LOOF also organizes cat shows where breeders and cat owners can present their pedigree felines. At these shows, qualified judges evaluate the cats against the breed standards set by LOOF. Cats that meet the specific criteria of their breed can earn honorary titles, such as Champion or International Champion.

These titles represent recognition of a cat's conformity to breed standards and testify to its quality. They are recorded in pedigrees and add value to pedigree cats when used for breeding.

Promotion and protection of cat breeds

LOOF plays a crucial role in promoting and protecting cat breeds in France. By ensuring that breed standards are respected and encouraging breeders to preserve the integrity of the breeds, LOOF helps maintain the diversity and quality of cat breeds present in France.

LOOF is also involved in initiatives to raise public awareness of the value of pedigree cats and promote responsible breeding practices.

In conclusion, the Livre Officiel des Origines Félines (LOOF) plays an essential role in the French cat world. As a reference organization for pedigrees and breed standards, LOOF contributes to the preservation of cat breeds in France, the promotion of responsible breeding practices and the organization of renowned cat shows.


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