Maines coons kittens

Route De L'aclex 3m, 1485 Nuvilly, Switzerland
Maines coons kittens Maines coons kittens Maines coons kittens
Breed: Maine Coon
Book of origins: LOOF
Date of birth: April 29, 2023
Availability : August 20, 2023
Sire's name: Tonnerre Des Coonbluesaphir
Mother/kitten microchip number: 250269100317828
Mother's name: Shayli Des Coonbluesaphir
Vaccinated: Yes
Price: Between €1,200 and €1,400
Number of kittens in litter: 5
Number of females: 3
Number of males: 2

Small family breeding of Maine Coon 5 small wonders were born on April 29 it seeks a soft hearth for August 20 they are handled tous.les.jours by myself and the children they are true small cubs we are vaccinated vermifuger pucer and will have a recall in 3 weeks here is with soon perhaps


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