Oslenda's Cats Siberian Urlante

Le Pizou, Dordogne, France
Breed: Siberian
Book of origins: LOOF
Date of birth: April 1, 2023
Availability date: July 1, 2023
Father's name : Puma De Laf
Mother/kitten microchip number: 250269802917170
Mother's name : S'pérence du halo des anges
Vaccinated: Yes
Nutered: No
Price: Between €1,200 and €1,400
Number of kittens in litter: 5
Litter or pedigree number: LOOF-07388785-2023-1
Number of females: 3
Number of males: 2

Hello everyone,
This kitty has this name because she's very, very talkative. Very gentle and kind, she's quite calm for her young age. She's used to dogs.
Please don't hesitate to contact me at ❤️.


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